among us

Who we are

among us is a Berlin based non profit association dedicated to helping refugees integrate into German society. 

Our vision is to help those forced to flee their homes in search of a new start, to find a home in Germany and live not simply along side us, but among us.

True help begins with true understanding, which is why our refugee partners are given an important voice within the association. As we help them, so they help us.

This spirit of openness, collaboration and understanding underpins all of what we do and for this reason we refer to the refugees we work with as partners.

What we do

As a grass roots association, our focus is on helping our individual partners get a head start in their new lives.  

We believe that the first step to feeling at home is to have a home, which is why our focus is on finding and financing accommodation.

Our goal is to support each individual we work with in their integration and offer assistance in related matters such as dealing with German bureaucracy and making other important connections. 

As a small organisation, we have chosen to focus on changing the lives of small groups and individuals to make an extraordinary difference in the lives of a few, rather than a small difference in the lives of many. 

To make an extraordinary difference, we need your help.

Among Us Team

Adrian P.

How you can help